• 4 Voixter mobile !

    Use your Voixter account on your mobile phone, find us in your app store, shortly also available on Android and Windows phones.

  • 1 Direct Routes

    Growing number of direct routes on a monthly basis assures high quality secure encrypted routes to many countries. Our main focus is Africa and South America

  • 4 Encrypted Secure VOIP Solution

    Do you care about the security of your corporate VOIP data, We offer fully encrypted state of the art secure VOIP, using SRTP, VPN or IPSEC directly to your office. making your VOIP network completely secure against any attacks or frauds.

  • 2 Always connected anytime, anywhere

    Keep your business connected no matter what location, try our Business VPN solution. connect your branches with Voixter

  • 3 Become a partner

    Looking for a partner you can rely on? Join our certified partner program. send us an email at sales@voixter.net


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Lowest Rates

Congo 20.8 ct / Nigeria 9.6 ct / Libya 24.8 ct / Egypt 8.9 ct

India 1.9 ct / China 1.2 ct / Sri Lanka 9.5 ct / Afghanistan 18.9 ct

USA 1 ct / Venezuela 1.2 ct / Brazil 2.2 ct / Mexico 1.5 ct